You will find answers to several frequently asked questions regarding membership to LindseyWilliamsOnline.com.

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  • Q.How do I order access to the content at LindseyWilliamsOnline.com?

    A.You can obtain access to LindseyWilliamsOnline.com by clicking the ‘GET INSTANT ACCESS' button on the main page and following the instructions. You can offer your gift with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover card. You do not need to have a PayPal account to obtain access to LindseyWilliamsOnline.com.

  • Q.Are there any other gifting methods available? Check? BitCoin?

    A.Through PayPal you can offer your gift by e-check if you have a PayPal account. It is a simple process. Also we can accept BitCoin. For BitCoin gifts the process is manual, so if you would like to offer your gift via BitCoin please contact us for detailed instructions.

  • Q.Can I download content from LindseyWilliamsOnline.com?

    A.The video and audio content at LindseyWilliamsOnline.com is available to stream instantly via your PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone. We do not offer a download option at this time.

  • Q.The videos are not showing, what is wrong?

    A.Do you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone? All videos are embedded into the website and require a Flash Player to work.

  • Q.With my gift to LindseyWilliamsOnline.com what am I getting?

    A.You are getting instant streaming access to all of the audio and video content created by Pastor Williams up until the end of 2014. This includes DVDs and Audio CDs a list of which is available on the main page.

  • Q.Is there an automatic recurring gift for access to LindseyWilliamsOnline.com?

    A.No, the payment is a one-time only gift. You will get access to all of the content produced by Pastor Williams up until the end of 2014. Future content will be available as and when it is made available to members at LindseyWilliamsOnline.com for another one time gift.

  • Q.How can I contact Pastor Williams?

    A.You can contact Pastor Williams directly by visiting LindseyWilliams.net and clicking on the contact us link.

  • Q.I have a question about obtaining access to LindseyWilliamsOnline.com. How can I contact you?

    A.You can contact us by clicking the contact us link. For help offering your gift please select ‘New Customer' in the options. For Support assistance please select ‘Support' in the options. Please be detailed in your questions so we may quickly deal with your request. We endeavour to respond to your questions within 24 hours.

If you have any questions not included in this Frequently Asked Questions list. Please contact us.