Jonathan May Economic Hitman

  • Released:
  • 67 mins.

Jonathan May Economic Hitman: Why The United States is so Hated Around the World.

It all began in 1986 when Jonathan May was interviewed by noted national author and lecturer Lindsey Williams while he was serving time in Federal Prison for speaking about his activities as an Economic Hit man. He told of a 30 year plan he had been working on and what was in store for the world over the next 30+ years. Twenty years later we have seen his predictions come true and most everything he spoke of has happened.

This one hour video tape of Lindsey Williams interviewing Jonathan May over the telephone while he is in Federal prison is riveting and awesome. It is amazing to hear about the long range plan of those who think they are in charge of this planet and what they have in store for you. Are you ready for the rest of the story?